About MCB

In the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), we’re actively engaged in advancing research and education in the molecular, cellular, and integrative aspects of health, disease, and how organisms work. Our core values embrace excellence and discovery in a broad spectrum of disciplines. Our research community fosters a culture of collaboration among colleagues in the school, campus, and world. We have an excellent undergraduate curriculum in life sciences at the molecular and cellular level, which prepares students for medical, dental, and graduate schools and for a broad range of careers involving molecular and cellular biology. Our proud legacy also includes training graduate students for diverse careers in extending their biomedical research to academia, government, and industry. more...From the Director

Our Faculty


Researchers and educators in MCB are advancing our understanding of biological processes. Our faculty run highly productive, federally funded research programs. The integration of MCB programs with the College of Medicine fosters medically relevant research and helps us tackle important questions for society. We have a long history of applying emerging technologies and are fully engaged in transfering applications to industry, health care, and research. more...MCB Faculty

Our Grad Students


Graduate students in MCB comprise a large community of peers who add energy and productivity to our research labs and classrooms. Student-driven research projects are carried out in four departments and three affiliated Ph.D. programs. The campus Medical Scholars Program, the third-largest in the nation, is robust and broad in scope. Many MCB graduates work on critical problems at the forefront of contemporary science. more...Grad Programs

Our Undergraduates

studentsOur excellent undergraduate curriculum covers life sciences at the molecular and cellular levels, provides training for biomedical careers, and prepares students for medical, dental, and graduate schools. Taught by faculty who are world-renowned researchers and educators, our programs also offer a broad array of curricular enhancements, including undergraduate research opportunities, honors programs, study abroad, and living–learning communities. We enhance student success and growth by encouraging engagement in MCB, campus, and local community activities. more...Undergraduate Program