BIOC 290

BIOC 290 provides an opportunity for biochemistry majors to receive academic credit for a laboratory research project. The project may be conducted under the supervision of either a biochemistry faculty member or one from a different department in the School of MCB.

(MCB majors, contact the MCB Instructional Program Office, 252 Davenport Hall, (217) 244-6239, for MCB 290 procedures.)

The following Procedures are for Biochemistry Majors Only

To enroll for BIOC 290 research, you must submit a Learning Agreement Form to the Department of Biochemistry in 417 Roger Adams Lab (RAL).

Before enrolling, you must identify a faculty member, in either biochemistry or another MCB department, who will supervise your research. Start by reviewing the research interests of both the biochemistry faculty and the faculty in MCB.

You and your faculty supervisor must prepare and sign a detailed written Learning Agreement Form, in which learning outcomes, specific activities, and expectations for your work are delineated. The means of evaluation and credit to be awarded (1–5 hours per semester) are also specified in the agreement.

You cannot enroll in BIOC 290 before you turn in a completed and signed Learning Agreement Form to 417 RAL. The agreement must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Head of the Biochemistry Department.

Steps to Follow

  1. Obtain an BIOC 290 Learning Agreement Form, also available in 417 Roger Adams Lab.
  2. Meet with faculty members in either biochemistry or elsewhere in the School of MCB to identify a faculty supervisor and possible project. Use the MCB faculty Web pages as a resource. After reading the information describing faculty research projects, select three or four potential laboratories. Do not send a blanket e-mail to the entire faculty. If you decide that you no longer wish to meet with someone you've contacted, please let the faculty member know this.
  3. With the help of your chosen faculty supervisor, complete a detailed Learning Agreement Form. Forms submitted with incomplete information will be returned.
  4. Submit your signed Learning Agreement to room 417 RAL as soon as possible. You only need one 290 learning agreement form for the balance of your research experience (including BIOC 492) unless you switch labs
  5. The Biochemistry Department will then authorize you to add BIOC 290 to your schedule in UI-Integrate Self-Service Registration. A signed copy of the Learning Agreement will be sent to both you and your faculty supervisor.