The General Education Requirement

Biochemistry majors are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours each in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Humanities and the Arts, and Cultural Studies, both nonwestern/U.S. minority culture(s) and western/comparative culture(s). The total GenEd requirement is 18 hours.

It is the student's responsibility to check these lists for currently available courses. Note: The other General Education requirements (Column I and Column II) for students in the LAS Science and Letters Majors do not apply to students majoring in the Biochemistry Curriculum. Biochemistry majors must satisfy the campus-wide General Education requirements.

Biochemistry majors, use the General Education Requirements Course Lists to satisfy the following requirements.

Requirement Select from these LAS Categories
Humanities and the Arts 2 courses
6 hours (minimum) Literature and the Arts or
Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 courses
6 hours (minimum) Social Sciences or
Behavioral Sciences
Cultural Studies 1 course from each group below
6 hours (minimum) Nonwestern Culture(s) or
U.S. Minority Culture(s)
Western/Comparative Culture(s)

Advising Tip: You can satisfy two General Education requirements with one course if you choose carefully. Some courses approved for Cultural Studies or Composition II also appear on the Humanities/Arts and Social/Behavioral Sciences lists (see above). These courses, if taken, will satisfy both requirements.