The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology offers a number of courses covering various areas of physiology. The student and advisor determine which courses, in addition to the required core, may be useful to the student. Courses in physiology include:

MCB 401: Cell and Membrane Physiology
MCB 402: Systems and Integrative Physiology
MCB 403: Cell and Membrane Physiology Lab
MCB 404: Systems and Integrative Physiology Lab
MCB 413: Endocrinology
MCB 414: Introduction to Neurobiology
MCB 415: Structure and Function of the Nervous System
MCB 416: Integrative Neurophysiology
MCB 417: Computational Neurobiology Method
MCB 441: Comparative and Adaptational Physiology
MCB 505: Neurochemistry
MCB 509: Current Topics in Molecular and Integrative Physiology
MCB 512: Advanced Endocrinology
MCB 514: Physiological Measurements
MCB 516: Neurophysiology Laboratory
MCB 518: Neuroendocrinology
MCB 519: Computational Brain Theory
MCB 530: Reproductive Physiology Seminar
MCB 531: Advanced Reproductive Endocrinology
MCB 533: Reproductive Physiology Laboratory Methods
MIP 590: Individual Topics
MCB 595: Seminars in Physiology
MIP 599: Thesis Research
MCB 660: Human Pharmacology I
MCB 661: Human Pharmacology II

In addition, numerous seminars covering special topics in physiology are offered. Students may also take courses in other departments, including Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology, Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Microbiology, Psychology, and Veterinary Biosciences.