David S. McPheeters

David S. McPheeters


202 Medical Sciences Building, MC-714
506 South Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801
Office: (217) 300-2152
Fax: (217) 333-8868

Mail to: 202 Medical Sciences Building, MC-714
506 South Mathews Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Medical Biochemistry, College of Medicine

Research Topics

RNA Biology


Post-doctoral, California Institute of Technology, 1987 - 1993

Ph.D. Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, 1987

B.S. Biology, University of Washington, Seattle, 1981

Representative Publications

McPheeters, D.S. and Wise, J.A. 2011. Measurement of in vivo RNA Synthesis Rates. Methods Enzymol 2013 ;530:117-35.

McPheeters, D.S., Cremona, N., Sunder, S., Chen, H.-M., Averbeck, N., Leatherwood, J. and Wise, J.A. 2009. A Complex Gene Regulatory Mechanism that Operates at the Nexus of Multiple RNA Processing Decisions. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 16, 255-264.

Yang, C., McPheeters, D.S., and Yu, Y-T. 2005. Ψ35 in the branch site recognition region of U2 snRNA is important for pre-mRNA splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Journal of Biological Chemistry 280, 6655-6662.

McPheeters, D.S. and Muhlenkamp, P. 2003. Spatial organisation of protein-RNA interactions in the branch site-3’ splice site region during pre-mRNA splicing in yeast. Molecular and Cellular Biology 23, 4174-4186.

Chang, J.-S. and McPheeters, D.S. 2001. Identification of a U2/U6 Helix Ia mutant that influences 3' splice site selection during nuclear pre-mRNA splicing. RNA 6, 1120-1130.

Pauling, M.H., McPheeters, D.S. and Ares, M. 2000. Association of U2 RNA, Hsh155p, and Hsh49p with functional Cus1p reveals conserved features of Splicing Factor 3b action. Molecular and Cellular Biology 20, 2176-2185.

McPheeters, D.S. , Schwer, B. and Muhlenkamp, P. 2000. Cross-linking of the yeast DExH-box RNA Helicase, Prp22, to the 3' splice site during pre-mRNA splicing, Nucleic Acids Research 28, 1313-1321.

Christian, E. L., McPheeters, D.S.. and Harris, M. 1998. Identification of individual nucleotides in the bacterial ribonuclease P ribozyme adjacent to the pre-tRNA cleavage site by short-range photo- cross-linking. Biochemistry 37, 17618-17628.

McPheeters, D.S. 1996. Interactions of the yeast U6 RNA with the pre-mRNA branch site. RNA 11, 1110-1123.