MCB Faculty and Staff named Scientific Teaching Fellows and Mentors

The Schools of MCB and IB recently hosted an NSF- and HHMI-sponsored Mobile Summer Institute (MoSI) for Undergraduate Biology Education.

The theme for the MoSI program is “scientific teaching,” with the goal of transforming science education at colleges and universities by improving classroom education delivery with a more active-learning environment that will attract and retain more diverse students to science and research. The MoSI is designed to train faculty and instructional staff in an evidence-based scientific approach to teaching that reflects the way we think and work as researchers. Thirty-one faculty and staff participated in the event, learning practical strategies for enhancing student engagement and learning. The institutes model the scientific teaching principles of active learning, assessment, and diversity, which are integrated into all aspects of the week-long workshop. Another Mobile Summer Institute will be held here in Summer 2017 and all are welcome to participate. Brenda Wilson and Melissa Michael are happy to answer any inquiries about the MoSI and to assist instructors interested in applying scientific teaching strategies to their classrooms.

July 07, 2016.