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posted 03.02.2011

Interested in Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Looking for Veterinary Experience this Summer?


Apply for the University of Illinois
Wildlife Medical Clinic Undergraduate Extern Program!


WHO: All current U of I students, both undergraduate and graduate.

WHERE: The Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

WHAT: A small number of non-veterinary students will be taken on to help with the 500+

wildlife cases seen at the Wildlife Medical Clinic during the summer months. Externs will work closely with the two veterinary student managers, two interns, and the zoo med clinicians to provide all care and medical treatments to these patients. Program requirements are as follows:  

  • Completion of rabies vaccination series upon acceptance to the program.
  • Work one regularly scheduled morning shift (8am-12pm) and one afternoon shift (5pm-8pm) each week—externs may miss up to 8 shifts over the summer.
  • Attend weekly extern rounds with topics geared towards externs’ interests and knowledge levels—externs must attend a minimum of 9 rounds over the summer.
  • Externs must attend a raptor training session to obtain certification to work with the education birds of prey in the Wildlife Medical Clinic.
  • Upon completion of raptor training, externs will have the to opportunity to provide care for the resident education animals, including a red tailed hawk, great horned owl, American kestrel, northern saw-whet owl, and laughing kookaburra.
  • The scheduling is designed to be compatible with other summer commitments, including work, school, and research.

WHEN: Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2011. Externs will begin the week of May 23 and continue through mid August.

HOW: Applications and further information can be found at:

WHY: To experience an unique opportunity to work with local wildlife while practicing medical skills including venipuncture, medication administration, anesthetic monitoring, bandaging, and catheter placement. And of course to have a great time!

Still have questions? Contact current manager Annie at