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From Michael Charles Willard, BioAnalytics Inc.:

BioAnalytics is a research and development firm founded at UIUC to develop innovative technologies while providing students with the opportunity to gain experience as a part of interdisciplinary teams developing research based products. We are located in Research Park, more specifically the tech incubator Enterpriseworks.

As I am well aware of the intensity of the Molecular and Cellular Biology program and the academic merit of the students in it, I believe that many MCB students would be well qualified for our Research Scholars Program. This initiative was designed to give students interested in research the opportunity to apply their skills to real world applications and to gain experience as a member of a cross-disciplinary collaboration.

We are currently seeking ambitious students who are passionate about playing an integral part in working on emerging technologies. Current initiatives relate to a rapid point of care blood diagnostic systems, non-caloric fat supplements, chemistry based thermoelectric devices, and advanced solar-thermal heliostats.

Anyone interested should send their resume and a brief paragraph indicating why they think they would be a good addition to the BioAnalytics team and what types of projects and roles they would be most interested in to: