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MCB Peer Advising Interns

MCB Peer Advisors are a small group of accomplished MCB majors who help the MCB Advising unit serve our students.  We are particularly helpful at providing advice on how to cultivate excellent study habits that will help students be successful MCB majors. We are also great at giving advice on fun and useful general education courses, electives and advanced MCB courses.  We are available at the beginning of the semester and during registration to help you make changes to your schedule or generally navigate the Enterprise registration system.  Please read our profiles and become familiar with us .  We look forward to seeing you during MCB Express Advising hours.

Name: Mayuri Yasuda
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology 
Minor: Spanish
Career Goals: Medicine 
Favorite MCB Core Course(s): MCB 150, MCB 252
Recommended Gen Ed Courses: SHS 222, DANC 100
Favorite Place to Study: UGL or ACES Library
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, Drawing/Painting, Watching baseball
Research: I am currently a member of Benita S. Katzenellenbogen's lab and we study the regulation of cell proliferation and phenotypic properties of breast cancer cells to better develop endocrine therapies in breast cancer