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MCB Merit Program

The MCB Merit program is designed for academically high achieving students that are either from small schools or are from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. We use ACT score and class rank as some of the determining factors for academic achievement. The purpose of the program is to foster the development of peer communities while engaging students in collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning is a nontraditional style of teaching and learning. Instead of having an instructor lead the class, students work in groups to solve problems while the instructor assumes the role of facilitator. As such, students are expected to come to class prepared and must participate wholly in class activities.

MCB merit workshops are separate from the regular class activities. Currently, MCB merit is available for MCB 150, MCB 250, MCB 252 and MCB 253. The workshops require an additional two hours a week in class. For these two hours, a student earns one hour of either MCB 199 or MCB 299 credit. They are also assigned a letter grade for the workshop.

To learn more watch our informational video about Merit here.

Interested in registering for an MCB Merit Workshop? Please use the appropriate request form below.

MCB 150 (MCB 199):
MCB 250 (MCB 299 50A):
MCB 252 (MCB 299 52A) spring semesters only:
MCB 354 (MCB 299 54A) fall semesters only:

Questions concerning MCB Merit should be directed to Alejandra Stenger at

If you are interested in participating in other departmental Merit programs (Chemistry, Integrative Biology or Math) please visit for more information. To request space in a chemistry Merit section for spring 2018, fill out this form.