Colin A. Wraight Memorial Symposium

Hosted by the Department of Biochemistry and School of Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are planning an October 9 - 10, 2015 memorial event in Urbana to honor the life and work of Professor Colin A. Wraight.

Join us on this special occasion honoring Colin. Please register at the link above.

Please enjoy these two recent publications:
Tribute - Colin A. Wraight, 1945-2014, PSRES
Historical Corner - The last two overviews by Colin Allen Wraight (1945-2014) on energy conversion in photosynthetic bacteria, PSRES

A Weekend to Honor the Life and Work of Professor Colin A. Wraight
October 9-10, 2015
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Friday, October 9th
4:00 pm

Colin A. Wraight Lecture
Hosted by Professor Robert Gennis
Beckman Institute Auditorium, Room 1025
405 North Mathews Avenue, Urbana, IL

4:10 pm Professor Sir John E. Walker, MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge
The Missing Link in Respiration: How Protons Drive Rotation in ATP Synthesis
5:15 –
7:00 pm
Beckman Institute Atrium
Saturday, October 10th
Colin A. Wraight Memorial Symposium
Charles G. Miller Auditorium
B102 CLSL, 601 S. Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL
9 am to 5 pm
8:45 am Coffee and Continental Breakfast
9:15 am Opening Remarks - Professor Susan Martinis
Head, Department of Biochemistry
Session I: Chaired by Professor Les Dutton
University of Pennsylvania
9:20 am Comments and Reminiscences by Professor Les Dutton
9:30 am Professor Donald Ort, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois
Are plants too green?
10:00 am Professor Péter Maróti, University of Szeged
Activation of the second electron transfer in bacterial reaction center
10:30 am Professor Neil Hunter, University of Sheffield
Filling the hole – reduction of the photo-oxidized bacterial reaction center by cytochrome c2
11:00 am Professor Marilyn Gunner, City College of New York
Controlling proton transfers in transmembrane proteins to help generate the proton gradient
11:45 am Buffet Lunch
Chemical & Life Sciences Laboratory, Atrium
Session 2: Chaired by Dr. Keith R. Westcott
Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois
1:15 pm Comments and Reminiscences by Dr. Keith Westcott
1:25 pm Dr. Sara Sackett, University of Wisconsin
Maturation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived pancreatic progenitors into monohormonal beta cells after transplantation in mice
1:55 pm Dr. Rudy Fratti, University of Illinois
A Role for Lipids in Endolysosomal Maturation
2:25 pm Professor David Kramer, Michigan State University
Electrons, Protons and the Tightrope of Photosynthesis
2:55 pm Coffee Break
Session 3: Chaired by Professor Stephen G. Sligar
Director, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
3:20 pm Comments and Reminiscences by Professor Stephen G. Sligar
3:30 pm Professor Shelagh M. Ferguson-Miller, Michigan State University
Tryptophan-rich Sensory Protein (TSPO) : old protein, new functions?
4:00 pm Professor Neal Woodbury, Arizona State University
Photosynthesis to Nanophotonics
4:30 pm Professor Antony R. Crofts, University of Illinois
Longevity and aging – a role for the bc1 complex
5:00 pm Closing Remarks and Announcements
6:30 pm

Symposium Banquet to honor Professor Colin A. Wraight
ACES Library, Heritage Room; 1101 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL
Master of Ceremonies: Susan A. Martinis and Govindjee

Sunday, October 11th: Departure

Sponsored by Department of Biochemistry, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology