Charles G. Miller Auditorium

ELMO Presenter Shutdown

Turn off the little LCD monitor by sliding its switch located at top left of the monitor.

Switch off Elmo's power- located left rear.

Fold the lights down across each other. Get them as far down as possible.

Rotate the camera until it is parallel with the support arm.

In the middle of the support arm is a release button. Press it and telescope the arm as far down as you can.

At the base of the support arm is another release button. Press and hold it until the arm is rotated down as far as it will go on top of the lights.

Slide the drawer shut to keep dust off the instrument. Ensure that the camera does NOT hit the cabinet as the drawer is closed.

Return the touchpanel controller to the Main Menu and ensure the Projector Off button is selected.

Mic Shutdown
System Shutdown
Room Shutdown