Charles G. Miller Auditorium

Startup Procedure

  • Open the doors to the Auditorium. Unlock the east door. You can keep the doors open with their built-in door-stops.
  • Please, no food or drink in the auditorium.
  • Load your disks, drives.
  • If the touchpad is blank, its screen-saver is on. Just touch the screen to see the Main Menu.
  • If a mic is used, adjust the audio level (right of the touchpad menu).
  • If you are to show video, select "Projector On" from the Main Menu. This turns on the video projector.
  • Lower the screen (bottom of the menu).
  • Select your video source for the presentation from the left side of the touchpanel menu.
  • When ready, dim the lights (top of the menu). Selection #2 is best.

How to select a computer.

How to set up the Elmo overhead presenter.