Charles G. Miller Auditorium

How to Setup the Elmo Overhead Presenter

The overhead presenter shall hereafter be referred to as "Elmo".
Elmo is located in a drawer in the right side of the computer cabinet.

  1. Slide the drawer open all the way.
  2. Press the locking release on the rear deck of Elmo and lift the camera arm until it clicks into position.
  3. Rotate the camera to its detent position, so it is pointing straight down.
  4. Lift both lights up.
  5. Turn on the Elmo's power. It is located at the left rear: note label.
  6. At the front left of Elmo are its light controls.
    • If you have opaque objects, select the upper lights.
    • If you have transparencies, select the lower lights.
    • Only one set of lights can be used at a time.
    • The positioning of the upper lights can be crucial for 3-D objects because of shadows.
  7. Turn on the LCD monitor to the right of Elmo.
    • This monitor's power switch is at its top left.
    • Just slide the power switch on.
    • The monitor will allow you to see how to position your work and zoom in or out.
  8. Adjust the "Tele" and "Wide" buttons to give the best view of your subject.
  9. Select the "Pos" or "Neg" video button and "B/W" or "Color" button as your application requires.
  10. Press the "AutoFocus" button and Elmo sets the focus for you.
  11. Select Doc Camera from the touchpanel menu.

If the video projector is on, you should now see your subject projected on the big screen.
Tip: Use the "Neg" (negative video) and "B/W" (black and white picture) buttons on the front of the Elmo to enhance your image; or use the "Pos" (positive, or normal, video) and "Color" selections for a normal picture.

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