2017 photos

December 2017: Chung lab went out to Cocomero for Jennifer’s baby shower, secret Santa gifts, and Christmas party.

October 2017: Chung lab gives a surprise “congratulations on tenure” cake and a hand-drawn card (by Brian) to Prof. Chung. There was also a powerpoint presentation of videos from Congcong, Weilun, and Shuwei.

May 2017: Weilun and Zhuoli graduated with high and highest distinction as well as best thesis awards from MIP and BIOC. Proud Prof Chung!

April 2017: Brain Awareness Day at Orpheum Museum. Prof. Chung took the lab to the restaurant “Black Dog” to thank the lab for their outreach volunteer work.










2016 photos

December 2016: Chung lab Christmas Lunch at Harvest Market Restaurant. Shuwei came with a delicious cake from Chicago to attend our lab lunch.

May 2016: Chung-Bolton joint lab brunch at “Pekara” to celebrate the graduation of Dr. Eric Bolton’s graduate student Congcong Chen,  and Dr. Chung’s undergraduate students Shuwei, Nick, Han Gil, and Mary. Han Gil and Mary earned graduation with High Distinction and Distinction for their senior theses, respectively. Gunhee and Shuwei will go to Medical and Dental School, respectively.

IMG_1398 IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1402

April 2016: Chung lab participates in Brain Awareness Day at Orpheum Museum by hosting a “Neuron Craft” booth.

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April 2016: Chung lab went to MIP departmental retreat at the Allerton Retreat Center and enjoyed some serious science as well as scavenge hunt.








2015 photos

December 2015: Chung-Bolton lab Christmas dinner at Buffalo Wild-Wings Restaurant, where we enjoyed wings as true carnivores and did Secret Santa Gift exchanges.


November 2015: Sung-Soo receives a predoctoral research award from the Association of Korean Neuroscientists at the SFN 2015 meeting in Chicago. Congratulations!






September 2015: Chung-Bolton Joint Lab Dinner to celebrate publications of Sung-Soo (Chung lab) and Congcong (Bolton lab) at  fantastic Chinese restaurant “Golden Harbor”.


May 2015: Chung lab dinner at “Spoon House” in the middle of thunderstorm to celebrate graduation of Dhruv and Seungbae with high distinction, and John’s move to New Mexico.


photoMay 2015: At MCB Award Ceremony, senior undergraduate students (Dhruv and Seungbae) were awarded graduation with highest and high distinction, respectively. Dhruv and Seungbae also gave research seminars at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

Four junior undergraduate students in Chung lab  (Weilun Pang, Shuwei Wang, Mary Hong, and Han Gil Jeong) were awarded MCB summer research fellowships. Congratulations!









April 2015: Chung lab participates in Brain Awareness Day at Orpheum Museum by hosting a “Neuron Craft” booth. After the hard work, Chung lab went to Pekara Bakery for dinner.






2014 photos

December 2014: Sung-Soo presented his poster on the regulation of STEP during homeostatic plasticity and electroconvulsive seizures at American Epilepsy Society Meeting.


October 2014: Chung-Bolton lab day trip to “The 200 Acres”, a famous Pumpkin patch located at Arthur, IL.

photo 1

photo 2


May-July 2014: Chung lab brunch at “Courier Cafe” in Urbana to celebrate graduation of Gunhee and Ashley. Chung lab lunch at “Sakanaya” sushi restaurant to celebrate the publications of John and Kwan Young, and the photo in front of the beautiful UIUC Quad.














2013 photos

Fall 2013: Chung-Bolton lab dinner to “Pekara” to congratulate Edward’s departure to UT Southwestern for a research technician position.

Bolton_Chung 2

Chung lab undergrads with Edward.

May 2013: Chung lab summer fun at the UIUC bowling to celebrate graduation of Seung Dr and Edward. At this bowling, Edward won the game and made the lowers (Gunhee) eat the stinky blue cheese.



2012 photos

May 2012: Chung lab lunch at the “Black Dog” restaurant to celebrate graduation of Max, HanSol, and Ralph, as well as Kaitlyn’s departure to Michigan to pursue Vet School.



2010-2011 photos