MCB461 / Neur461 (Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience)

Prof. Chung delivers all lectures of MCB461 / Neur461 (Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience)(http://www.life.illinois.edu/mcb/461/) as a core neuroscience course for upper undergraduate and graduate students.  Prof. Chung designed this course to achieve her learning goal, which is for the students (1) to understand fundamental knowledge on cellular and molecular neurobiology and (2) to critically read and evaluate hypothesis-driven scientific research. The first 2 lectures of each week cover an in-depth fundamental knowledge on cellular and molecular neurobiology. In the last lecture of each week, Prof. Chung and students will discuss a landmark scientific literature that became the basis of such knowledge or that investigated the pathogenesis of neurologic disorders.  This course is offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every Fall semester.

May 2014: For her teaching of MCB461 / Neur461, Prof. Chung got awarded James E. Heath Award for excellence in teaching in Physiology from the University of Illinois.

July 2016: Prof. Chung completed National Academies Summer Institute for Undergraduate Education and named 2016-17 National Academies Education Fellow.

Neur598 (Neuroscience I and II)

Prof. Chung delivers 3 lectures on “Neurophysiology” section in Neur598 (Neuroscience I and II), a year-long core neuroscience course for the first year graduate students in Neuroscience Program.