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Current Graduate Students

The Department of Biochemistry offers graduate work leading to the doctor of philosophy and the master of science degrees. These degrees prepare students for positions in industrial laboratories, research institutes, and government agencies, as well as for teaching, research, and administration in colleges and universities. Graduate degrees are earned through a combination of graded courses, oral and written examinations, and independent research. In consultation with faculty advisors and based on the student's academic background, individual programs are fashioned for each student.

All students accepted into the Ph.D. program receive year-round financial support through fellowships, traineeships, or graduate assistantships, which provide a generous stipend as well as a full tuition and partial fee waiver. The Department guarantees financial support to all students as long as they are making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree. M.S. candidates do not normally receive financial support. Students are also encouraged to apply for extramural predoctoral fellowships for which they may be eligible (NSF, Howard Hughes, Ford Foundation, and other fellowships, foreigngovernment scholarships, and so on).