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Post-Graduation Options

Most biochemistry graduates gain employment in industry or government, or enter medical school or graduate school. Information on investigating these possibilities is provided below.

Job Opportunities

The Career Services Center, maintained by the university and located at 715 S. Wright St., offers a full range of programs, services, resources, and counseling to assist you with career guidance, exploration, job-search strategies, and internships.

The MCB Advising Program provides information about career choices, interviews with industrial representatives, and related services such as assistance with resumes, tips on effective interviewing, and help in locating summer jobs.

The Department of Biochemistry through its office and faculty provide expertise for job hunting. Here is a list of potential careers in Biochemistry

Medical School

The Career Services Center's Health Professions area performs such services as: planning academic programs to meet entrance requirements, obtaining letters of evaluation, arranging meetings with representatives of various schools, and so on.

For a list of M.D./Ph.D. programs: U.S. Medical School M.D.-Ph.D. Programs

Graduate School

The Biochemistry Office of Student Affairs maintains a poster board in room 420 Roger Adams Lab. It contains materials received from graduate schools in the United States and Canada. Another source of information is the Department of Biochemistry faculty. Students interested in applying to a school that was attended by one of the faculty members should make an appointment to discuss that school's program with the faculty member. In addition, the Biochemistry Department offers a course for career options discusses the general topic of graduate school admission and entering the corporate sector.

More graduate program information can be found at each of these sites:

Pererson's Education & Career Center      Graduate Schools