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Transfer or Change Major to Biochemistry

Change Major

Any UIUC student wishing to change their major to Biochemistry must meet with Jeff Goldberg (, room 417 Roger Adams Lab (RAL). Please email or call (217) 244-3149 to schedule an appointment. If departmental approval to transfer is granted, you will receive written approval, which you must take to 2002 Lincoln Hall (the LAS College Office) to be officially placed into Biochemistry. This applies to both intercollegiate transfers and curriculum changes within LAS.

Transfer to Biochemistry Curriculum

Here is important information about transferring from a 2-year or 4-year college program to the Department of Biochemistry at Illinois. Please carefully review and consider the requirements for the degree and how best to prepare for studies in Biochemistry. More information on transferring to Illinois is available from the Office of Admissions and Records.

In contemplating transfer into the Biochemistry Curriculum, you should be aware of these points:

  1. A good background in qualitative and quantitative analysis is very important. Be prepared to take Chemistry 236/237 or Chemistry 232/233 if you have not taken an equivalent course or feel your background may be insufficient.
  2. A strong background in Calculus (I, II, and III) is required to understand the necessary concepts of physics and physical chemistry.
  3. See four-year schedule to see where you stand for a four year or needing a five year program.
  4. Virtually all transfer students, regardless of their previous academic credits, take 3 full years to complete a Biochemistry degree.

Be prepared to complete your degree one or two semesters beyond your senior year (use a fifth year).

For University of Illinois course descriptions, see "Course Catalog."

For specific transfer course information, see the Transfer Course Website (U.Select).