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The Biochemistry Department is an integral part of the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB). The Specialized Curriculum in Biochemistry provides students with all the benefits of a sound baccalaureate-level education in Liberal Arts and Sciences. As part of the MCB community, biochemistry students will also take courses and study with MCB majors and have the benefit of curricular enhancements available to all MCB undergraduates. These include research in available laboratories schoolwide, honors sections, study abroad, and advanced teaching facilities.

Degree Requirements

Beginning in fall 2005, the focus of the biochemistry curriculum changed to provide training that is targeted towards students with definite research-oriented goals, including joint M.D./Ph.D. programs. The revised biochemistry major will provide instruction in physico-chemical principles and in current developments in biochemistry. It will introduce students to the research literature and strongly recommended a substantial research effort.

For a general understanding of the role of biochemistry in biology and medicine, we encourage students to explore the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) major with an advising Area of Emphasis in Biochemistry.

Specialized Curriculum

See four-year schedule and coursework sequences to find out when you take appropriate courses to graduate on time.

Change Major

Any UIUC student wishing to change their major to Biochemistry must meet with Jeff Goldberg, Coordinator of Student Academic Affairs, (, room 419A Roger Adams Lab. Please email or call (217) 244-3149 to schedule an appointment. If departmental approval to transfer is granted, you will receive written approval, which you must take to 2002 Lincoln Hall (the LAS College Office) to be officially placed into Biochemistry. This applies to both intercollegiate transfers and curriculum changes within LAS.

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A reminder: Diplomas will be sent to the permanent address listed in UI Integrate Self-Service. Before leaving campus, all students should check to make sure their address is accurate.