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Jana N. Radin

Research Scientist (PI: Dr. Thomas Kehl-Fie)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Scientist, Microbiology

Recent Publications

Akbari, M. S., Keogh, R. A., Radin, J. N., Sanchez-Rosario, Y., Johnson, M. D. L., Horswill, A. R., Kehl-Fie, T. E., Burcham, L. R., & Doran, K. S. (2023). The impact of nutritional immunity on Group B streptococcal pathogenesis during wound infection. mBio, 14(4).

Hossain, S., Morey, J. R., Neville, S. L., Ganio, K., Radin, J. N., Norambuena, J., Boyd, J. M., McDevitt, C. A., & Kehl-Fie, T. E. (2023). Host subversion of bacterial metallophore usage drives copper intoxication. mBio, 14(5).

Padron, G. C., Shuppara, A. M., Sharma, A., Koch, M. D., Palalay, J. J. S., Radin, J. N., Kehl-Fie, T. E., Imlay, J. A., & Sanfilippo, J. E. (2023). Shear rate sensitizes bacterial pathogens to H2O2 stress. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 120(11), Article e2216774120.

Solórzano, P. K. P., Bastille, T. S., Radin, J. N., & Kehl-Fie, T. E. (2023). A Manganese-independent Aldolase Enables Staphylococcus aureus To Resist Host-imposed Metal Starvation. mBio, 14(1), e0322322.

Burcham, L. R., Akbari, M. S., Alhajjar, N., Keogh, R. A., Radin, J. N., Kehl-Fie, T. E., Belew, A. T., El-Sayed, N. M., McIver, K. S., & Doran, K. S. (2022). Genomic Analyses Identify Manganese Homeostasis as a Driver of Group B Streptococcal Vaginal Colonization. mBio, 13(3).

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