Employment Opportunities in MCB

Multiple Positions in Microbial Systems

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is hiring six or more tenure-track faculty studying microbial systems or microbiomes. This coordinated strategic hiring plan is part of a larger Microbial Systems Initiative (https://msi.research.illinois.edu) that will expand interdisciplinary microbial research and education across campus. Microbial research at the University of Illinois has contributed foundational insights in microbial physiology, ecology and evolution that are now essential for the microbiome research revolution. We aim to build on our history and the diverse research in microbial systems taking place across campus to integrate fundamental studies of microbes with application to human, animal, plant, and environmental microbiomes. Through this interdisciplinary hiring strategy and other investments, we will illuminate microbial biology and host interactions across scales and in diverse contexts.

Basic and applied microbial sciences research is found in multiple departments and colleges across the University of Illinois campus. Interdisciplinary institutes, including the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB – https://igb.illinois.edu), the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (https://beckman.illinois.edu) and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (https://ncsa.illinois.edu) support collaborative team science research. The IGB is home to multi-investigator research themes studying microbiomes in health and disease, infectious disease genomics and antimicrobial resistance, and antimicrobial discovery. The Roy J. Carver Center for Biotechnology (https://biotech.illinois.edu) and Rodent Gnotobiotic Facility (https://go.illinois.edu/GnotobioticMouseFacility) offer cutting-edge technologies that are accessible and affordable. Successful candidates will be part of a large cohort of new faculty contributing to and benefitting from this rich microbial systems research environment and will have tenure homes in one of five participating colleges. Candidates interested in interactive and trans-disciplinary team research are particularly encouraged to apply.

The University of Illinois is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit http://go.illinois.edu/EEO.


Short descriptions of positions are found below. Detailed information for each position can be found at links within the short descriptions.

Microbiology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

The Department of Microbiology in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (https://mcb.illinois.edu/departments/microbiology) is seeking candidates for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position. Research programs must address molecular and cellular biology questions pertinent to microbes from any of the three domains of life or viruses. Areas of emphasis include microbe-microbe or microbe-host interactions at any level – chemical, molecular, cellular, organismal, or community. Research using emerging model microbe-host systems or novel tools for examining interactions in complex communities are of particular interest. The successful candidate will contribute to teaching and service missions of the department. https://go.illinois.edu/MicroAsstProf

Microbial Data Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Department of Microbiology in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (https://mcb.illinois.edu/departments/microbiology) and the Department of Statistics (https://stat.illinois.edu) are seeking candidates for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position. Research interrogating large-scale microbial datasets, in programs ranging from statistical methods development to systems-level experimental studies of microbial biology, are appropriate for this search. Statistical research emphases include (but are not limited to) high-dimensional statistics for compositional data, multi-scale microbial network inference, quantitative ecology, and bioinformatics for processing and analyzing large datasets. Biological research programs that integrate genomic and other multi-omics datasets to study the interplay of microbial, viral, host and environmental factors in the shaping of community structure and function or large-scale longitudinal studies of multi-species coevolution are also of interest. Successful candidates will have a strong collaborative research potential. The successful candidate’s appointment will be shared between the Departments of Microbiology and Statistics. Specifics of the appointment will be determined based on candidate’s research program. The successful candidate will contribute to teaching and service missions of both units. https://go.illinois.edu/MCBSTATAsstProf

Exercise Physiology – Microbiome and Health, College of Applied Health Sciences 

The College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS; http://ahs.illinois.edu) invites applicants for a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Exercise Physiology. Emphasis will be placed on a scholar who studies exercise/physical activity and health in the context of the gut microbiome and metabolome. Areas of emphasis may include the influence of exercise/physical activity on various aspects of host-microbe interactions including: the gut-brain axis, cancer, microbial-immune interactions, inflammatory bowel diseases, gut barrier function, and obesity (including nutrient sensing, body composition, and metabolism) but other areas also will be considered. The successful candidate will also contribute to both teaching and service missions in the Department. http://go.illinois.edu/KCHExPhysAsstProf

Animal Microbiomes, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences 

The Department of Animal Sciences (https://ansc.illinois.edu) is seeking a tenure-track Assistant Professor with a research emphasis on mechanistic approaches to understanding how animal microbiomes impact the physiology of production animals, especially the nutrition or health of the host. The candidate’s record should demonstrate a commitment to teaching and the potential to establish an externally funded, internationally recognized program of research in Animal Microbiomes and Microbiology. The successful candidate will also contribute to both teaching and service missions in the Department. https://go.illinois.edu/AnSciAsstProf

Microbiome of Animal Health and Disease, College of Veterinary Medicine 

The Department of Pathobiology (https://vetmed.illinois.edu/college-organization/pathobiology) is seeking candidates for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position. The successful candidate will have a productive record of mechanistic microbiome research. Applicants with an innovative record of accomplishment in the fields related to microbiome-host interactions, microbiome impacts on host acquired or innate immunity, and/or antimicrobial resistance are highly desirable. Expertise in microbial whole genome sequence (WGS) analysis and bioinformatics will be viewed as an asset. The successful candidate will also contribute to both teaching and service missions in the Department. https://go.illinois.edu/PathobiolAsstProf

Bioengineering – Microbial Engineering and Microbial Systems Biology, Grainger College of Engineering

The Department of Bioengineering (https://bioengineering.illinois.edu) is seeking candidates for tenured or tenure-track (open rank) positions. Senior and mid-career faculty are encouraged to apply, but all qualified candidates will be considered. Successful candidates will be conducting research that applies synthetic biology and/or computational approaches to study microbial systems and/or manipulate microbial communities. Specific areas of interest include the development of biocomputational tools to enhance understanding of microbial behavior and microbiome-host interactions. The successful candidate will also contribute to both teaching and service missions in the Department. https://go.illinois.edu/BioengProf


To ensure full consideration, apply through https://go.illinois.edu/MSIHires. All candidates should write an application cover letter which explicitly states which position(s) best describe your research interests. For other application materials, candidates should follow the directions in specific position descriptions, linked above. Candidates applying to multiple positions should follow application instructions for the position that most closely matches their research interests. All search committees will consider application materials regardless of format. Candidates may be contacted at a later date if a search committee requires more information.  For full consideration, apply by the closing date listed in the specific position description. Although early applications are appreciated and interviews may be conducted before the closing date, hiring decisions will not be made until after the closing date. Questions can be addressed to MicrobialSystemsSearch@illinois.edu

We have an active and successful dual-career partner placement program and a strong commitment to work-life balance and family-friendly programs for faculty and staff (https://provost.illinois.edu/faculty-affairs/work-life-balance/). 

The University of Illinois conducts criminal background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer.