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MCB Faculty and Research

Faculty Overview

More than 90 research, assistant, associate, and full professors make up the School of MCB faculty. faculty At least 30 of these are also appointed in the College of Medicine, and 38 are professors in the Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB). Our faculty legacy includes 2 Nobel Laureates, a Crafoord Prize recipient, 7 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 10 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and other distinguished honorees.

Faculty members advance education and fundamental research in the molecular, cellular, and integrative aspects of how organisms work. Core values of our faculty embrace excellence and discovery in a broad spectrum of disciplines. The school fosters a culture of collaboration among colleagues in the school, campus, and world and has an outstanding record of preparing graduate students for diverse careers in academia, government, and industry.

Research Overview

The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology research portfolio spans the full range of modern biological science from studies of the detailed atomic structure of biomolecules, through molecular mechanisms of biological processes (development, cell signaling, metabolism, and many others) to integrative studies of the interactions of complex biological systems such as the nervous system and of complex ecological communities (e.g., soil microbial communities).research

Much of this work is biomedical with active research in many areas of direct medical relevance: neurobiology (neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s), epilepsy, sleep disorders, mental retardation; infectious disease (e.g., Salmonella, anthrax, herpes), cancer (including estrogen biology and breast cancer).

Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research, to prepare undergraduate students for careers and provide nonmajor undergraduates with an understanding of the basic principles of molecular and cellular biology and the impact of the field on society, to train graduate students for research careers, to serve the public by promoting understanding of the field, and to develop the results of our research into useful applications and products for industry and for health.