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Pre-Application Review
Deadline: November 15, 2018

Please read the following information before proceeding to the pre-application.

The information entered below will be reviewed by our Graduate Admissions Committee. We will use your test scores, academic data, and brief synopsis of prior research experience to determine if you are eligible for admission. Please note that while the GRE scores are not required for the full application, they are required for the pre-application. While you will need to input your official ETS GRE and TOEFL scores below, you do not need to submit your official ETS scores to the University at this stage.

After you have submitted the pre-application, a message should appear indicating that the pre-application was successfully submitted. If you do not receive this message, then your pre-application was not submitted properly. This is likely an indication that you have filled out the application incorrectly. Please pay attention that all required fields (*) have information entered and that you adhered to character limits in the research experience field.

Pre-applications will not begin to be reviewed until after October 15, 2018. Please note the following pre-application deadlines and notification dates.

Applications submitted on or before:

  • September 15, will be notified by email
    no later than October 1 of applicant’s eligibility.
  • October 15, will be notified by email
    no later than October 31 of applicant’s eligibility.
  • November 15, will be notified
    no later than November 28 of applicant’s eligibility.

The notification email will inform you of your eligibility to apply with a full application. Emails indicating that you should apply with a full application mean that your pre-application meets the programs minimum requirements for admission, but is not a guarantee of admission. Emails indicating that you should not apply means that your applicant either does not meet or program or the Graduate College’s minimum requirements for admission and your full application would likely be denied.

We look forward to reviewing your completed pre-application. Thank you for your interest in our program.

MCB Graduate Program Office

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required information.

Applicant Information

* Applicant Name:
First Name *  Middle Name Last/Family Name *

* Country of Citizenship:

* Field of Interest:
Gender: *
* MCB Faculty of Interest:

(list MCB faculty you might be interested in working with, please list no more than 3 on the pre-application)

Current Contact Information

* E-Mail Address:

City State/Province
* Country:

Education History

In GPA fields below, please use your University's GPA/grading scale, and
input the Grading Scale (i.e. 4.0, 100%, 10, etc) in the field provided.

Institution * GPA *
Country Grading Scale *
Major *
Degree Type (BS, BSc, B.Tech, MS, Ph.D) *
Expected Grad Date *
Masters (if applicable)
Institution GPA
Country Grading Scale
Expected Graduation Date

Scores and Research Experience

Scores are required for review. No exceptions!
Falsifying scores will result in an automatic deny of your application. Please make sure that these are the official ETS scores.

* GRE:
Verbal * V% *
Quantitative * Q% *
Analytical Writing * AW% *
Test Date*
Score * Test Date *
TOEFLibt Subscores:
Listening * Reading * Speaking * Writing *

Research Experience: *

Please describe briefly your most significant research experiences. Please indicate where and with whom you worked. If you have no research experience please indicate that as well. Do not leave this field blank.

Note: 1000 Character Limit.
Character limit is defined as individual letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces. As you are only allowed a limited number of characters to express yourself, be thoughtful of the information that you want to convey to the committee.
Please note that we will NOT accept full CV’s or research statements at the pre-application stage, so do not email our office with those attachments as they will NOT be included with the pre-application.

Please read the following before submitting this form:

  1. Before submitting the pre-application, double check all fields.
  2. Wait for the eligibility notification email. Do NOT contact the MCB Graduate Program Office until after the notification date has passed.
  3. Only submit one pre-application to the department that has the most ongoing research of interest to you.