Team finds a new way to inhibit blood clotting and inflammation

Corresponding author Professor of Biochemistry James Morrissey and colleagues have identified a group of small molecules that interfere with the activity of a compound that initiates multiple steps in blood clotting, including those that lead to the obstruction of veins or arteries, a condition called thrombosis.

Blocking the activity of this compound, polyphosphate, could treat thrombosis with fewer bleeding side effects than the drugs that are currently on the market.

Their findings appear in the journal Blood in the January 20 issue as a Plenary Paper, described as "Definitive original research articles of exceptional scientific importance."

Read the whole story at the University News Bureau.

The paper, “Inhibition of Polyphosphate as a Novel Strategy for Preventing Thrombosis and Inflammation,” is available online.

November 05, 2012 All News