Welcome to our first cohort of BEST Scholarship recipients!

(L to R) Andrew Zhang, Grace Mies, Jake Priser, Michael McHenry, Alexis Rhoades [not pictured: Will Reiser]

The Biology, Experience, Scholarship, and Training (BEST) Program was established to attract exceptionally talented students to our undergraduate biology program. As a BEST recipient, incoming freshmen receive a scholarship and mentorship from the Director of the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Director of the School of Integrative Biology.

Michael McHenry from St Charles, IL

"I chose biology at Illinois because of all the opportunities the biology program at UIUC offers. Not only does it offer a top-notch education, but also research opportunities and other programs such as the BEST program that will help me achieve my goals."

Grace Mies from Mahomet, IL

"I chose to study Biology at Illinois because of the fantastic research opportunities and the world-renowned faculty."

Jake Priser from Naperville, IL

"I chose Biochemistry at Illinois because of my strong interest in the sciences during high school, as well as the challenges science offers. Illinois has a prestigious and selective program that I felt would challenge me to do my best and reach success."

Will Reiser from Springfield IL

"I chose Biology at Illinois because of the unparalleled research opportunities."

Alexis Rhoades from Mt. Zion, IL

"With my Biology degree from Illinois, I hope to go to graduate school. Although I’m unsure of what my specific path will be, I know that at Illinois, I will find my passion and be able to pursue it."

Andrew Zhang from Naperville

"I am primarily interested in life, especially in the fundamental ideas that explain how us living beings can even exist. In that regard, biology is the primary field that can uncover the mysteries of Earth's breathing little gems."

September 09, 2019 All News