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Meet Jacqui Nguyen (she/her)

Hi everyone! My name is Jacqui and I am a junior majoring in MCB with an Honors Concentration and minoring in Philosophy. Entering college during the pandemic was not an easy transition for me, but I am grateful for the people I have met within and outside of the MCB department who have helped along the way. On campus, I am a staff writer for the Features section of The Daily Illini where I write stories about events and organizations in the Champaign-Urbana community. I am also a graduate chair for a premedical fraternity and a project director for Volunteer Illini Projects. I am currently working in a research lab studying the effects of exposure to phthalates, chemicals used in common plastic products, on reproductive health in female mice. When I have free time, I like to stay active by going on runs/walks around campus or going on hikes with the Outdoor Adventure Club. I also enjoy going to events happening on and off campus whether it be a concert or the farmer's market. I like to play the violin and am part of the Illini Strings orchestra. I understand how overwhelming college may seem at first, but I hope to provide the same support and guidance given to me when I was a freshman. I am always willing to talk and love meeting new people. If you have questions about RSOs, research, the MCB program/courses, or college in general, please feel free to reach out!