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Meet Monishaa Murali (she/her)

Hi everyone! My name is Monishaa Murali, and I am a sophomore majoring in the MCB Honors Concentration. Here's a little bit about me: Off campus, I volunteer in the Carle Foundation Hospital where I've worked with a broad age group of pediatric patients. Over the summer, I've worked as a Science instructor for the YMCA summer camps. I really enjoying spending time and working with children as I feel they are so genuine and there's a lot to learn from them! On campus, I do research with Dr. Oldfield where we are working on combatting antibiotic resistance. I'm also the Journal Club Director of the Bioscience Journal Club, which is a club dedicated towards getting students involved in research and able to analyze scientific literature. I'm the Chairperson of the Stalking Prevention Summit Committee in which I am helping to plan and organize a Summit dedicated towards spreading awareness on the risks of stalking, especially on a college campus, and sharing resources that people can use to prevent stalking. Fun fact about me: I love learning new things. In my free time, I love being outdoors and staying active. Some of my hobbies include running, jump roping, and reading books. I am always open to sharing advice on coursework, college life, or anything in general. I hope to provide a solid support system for students who need advice on taking the first steps towards their future goals. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you!