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Family & Friends

FERPA Disclaimer

Due to educational privacy laws, university employees are not allowed to disclose information regarding a student's educational record. For more information, please see the Office of the Registrar's website.

Safety & Security

Please refer to Illinois' International Safety & Security website for information regarding international insurance, safety and wellness tips, and emergency contacts.

Budget Information

Financial aid can be applied to the cost of any program. Any financial information should be discussed with an advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid. When you have an official program budget, you should be able to meet with a financial aid advisor there and discuss numbers. An unofficial budget for each program (based on the previous semester's cost) is available on this website and on the study abroad program pages to give you a rough estimate of what the cost may be.

You may refer to the Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange Scholarships page to see some study abroad scholarships.