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Outgoing Students

Why Study Abroad

The main advantage of studying abroad through an LAS-MCB program is that these programs have been developed specifically for you and are guaranteed to have courses that count toward your major. Another advantage is that these programs give you access to and array of courses that are not currently available at Illinois. The exposure to different styles of university instruction is also a benefit to you when applying to medical school, professional schools, or careers. In Newcastle, all courses are taught at a medical school and a school of biomedical sciences. In Stockholm, Vienna, and Pavia, students take first year master's level courses (equivalent to the 4th year at Illinois). Whether you are interested in expanding your academic research experience in a laboratory in Sweden, shadowing a physician in a British hospital, or absorbing the rich cultural history in Austria or Italy, there is an opportunity for every student. The School of MCB is here to help you throughout this whole process.

Misconceptions about Study Abroad

It is a common myth that studying abroad will delay graduation, especially for MCB students. However, with proper planning, you can participate in a semester, or year abroad, and still graduate on time. We recommend that you start planning as early as possible in your college career, to best ensure that a study abroad experience can fit your schedule.

Please review our Myths and Facts about Study Abroad in MCB document for more information.

LAS-MCB Programs vs. Other Programs

The advantage of participating in the LAS-MCB programs is that each of the programs was carefully built by the School of MCB, ensuring that all of the courses taken abroad will count toward your degree program. This is not true for many other programs available on campus. In order for your study abroad experience to count fully towards your degree program, we strongly recommend our LAS-MCB study abroad programs.

The Study Abroad Process

If you are interested in studying abroad through an LAS-MCB program, you should first review the opportunities available to you on this website. Then, contact Melissa Michael ( to discuss the various study abroad opportunities within MCB. She and her staff will help you determine which options may best meet your objectives. When you have an idea of which program(s) you're interested in, you may also wish to speak with your academic advisor.

You can apply for the MCB study abroad programs on the webpage for each program. You may only apply for one LAS-MCB study abroad program per semester. Note that you will be charged a non-refundable $100 application fee by clicking Apply Now and logging in.

Applications are processed the semester before you wish to go abroad. (For example, students wishing to study abroad in Fall 2018 will apply in Spring 2018. Students wishing to study abroad in Spring 2019 will apply in Fall 2018, etc.) More specific information regarding application deadlines is available on the program pages.

Newcastle Stockholm Vienna Pavia
Fall/Academic Year Program-Application Deadline February 15 N/A February 15 February 15
Fall/AY - Decision Date March 1 N/A March 1 March 1
Spring Program-Application Deadline N/A September 15 September 15 September 15
Spring - Decision Date N/A October 1 October 1 October 1

If you are accepted to a program, you will be asked to "commit" to the program online. Once all program participants have committed to their program, MCB staff will arrange a meeting for all program participants to discuss courses abroad, living arrangements, expectations, etc. Where possible, they will arrange a meeting with students who have participated in your program in previous semesters.

All students who go abroad are required to take LAS 291 and 292.

Costs and Scholarships

Financial aid can be applied to the cost of a program. Any financial information should be discussed with an advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid. When you have an official program budget, you should be able to meet with a financial aid advisor there and discuss numbers. An unofficial budget for each program (based on the previous semester's cost) is available on this website and on the study abroad program pages to give you a rough estimate of what the cost may be.

You may refer to the Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange Scholarships page to see some study abroad scholarships.