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Transfer Student Diagnostic Test

To assist students in appropriate placement into their initial MCB course, all students with credit for an MCB 150 equivalent course from another institution are required to take the MCB Transfer Student Diagnostic Test.

Please look carefully at the test, and ask yourself honestly whether you would be able to answer these questions based on your background. We are not going to ask for your answers; the real question is: are you comfortable with the question-writing style and the level of coverage of the material?

The test itself is composed of 20 questions culled from actual exams from our foundation course, MCB 150, and is representative of the content and expectations throughout the semester. Each diagnostic question has a follow-up, which asks essentially how much of that material you've seen before.

The Transfer Student Diagnostic Test is available in a course management system called LON-CAPA. If you are an admitted transfer student scheduled for an orientation/registration visit, you have an account already created for you and have been emailed the login and password information. If you are interested in taking the test and do not have an account, please email with your request and Transfer Diagnostic in the subject line.