Microbiology Departmental Course Listings

For Course Descriptions and Timetable Information, please visit the University's Courses, Schedules, and Requirements

Graduate Core Courses Taken During the First Year

MCB 501. Advanced Biochemistry
MCB 502. Advanced Molecular Genetics
MCB 581. Laboratory Rotation 1
MCB 582. Laboratory Rotation 2
MCB 583. Laboratory Rotation 3
MCB 585. Current Topics in Microbiology

Graduate Core Courses Taken During the Fall Semester of the Second Year

MCB 580. Research Ethics and Responsibilities

Graduate Core Courses Taken Every Semester as Noted

MICR 590. Individual Topics (prior to passing prelim. exam)
MICR 595. Microbiology Graduate Seminar (fall and spring semesters)
MICR 599. Thesis Research (post-prelim. exam)

Lecture Courses Commonly Taken by Microbiology Graduate Students

BIOC 440b. Physical Chemistry Principles
MCB 408. Immunology
MCB 421. Microbial Genetics
MCB 424. Microbial Biochemistry
MCB 426. Bacterial Pathogenesis
MCB 429. Cellular Microbiology & Disease
MCB 431. Microbial Physiology
MCB 432. Computing in Molecular Biology
MCB 433. Virology & Viral Pathogenesis
MCB 435. Microbial Ecology & Evolution
MCB 553. Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms

Discussion Courses Commonly Taken by Microbiology Graduate Students

CB 520. Models in Biomedical Research
CPSC 565. Perl & UNIX for Bioinformatics
IB 526. Seminar in Entomology (Genomics of Animal-Microbe Interactions)
MCB 436. Global Biosecurity
MCB 521. Advanced Microbial Genetics (companion course for MCB 421)
MCB 526. Advanced Bacterial Pathogenesis (companion course for MCB 426)
MCB 532. Advanced Microbial Physiology (companion course for MCB 431)
MCB 534. Advanced Microbial Metabolism (companion course for MCB 424)
MCB 539. Advanced Cellular Microbiology (companion course for MCB 429)
MCB 585. Current Topics in Microbiology (section title: Viruses of Microbes)

Here is the link for MCB-based courses: mcb.illinois.edu/courses/graduate. There are other courses that may not be MCB 400- or 500-level courses, but may be beneficial for your research. As with any course, discuss the merits of a course with your advisor.

Please note that writing courses, such as MCB 529 (WRI)/MCB 540 and PATH 513, will not count towards either lecture or discussion course degree requirements.