The MCB community is comprised of supportive staff members who share their expertise with faculty, students, and fellow staff in the school and its departments.

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Business & Operations

Jenny Daly is MCB's Associate Director for Administration and Business Affairs. She is the primary contact for general business and finance in the school. She can be reached at or 217-333-5338.

Purchase orders and other requisitions

Online requisition form  Contact us

We are happy to advise you on department, campus, and state purchasing policies and procedures. Please send all inquiries to We are open 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m., 1-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Our department processes regular and standing purchase orders (P.O.) and orders using the University of Illinois credit card system (P-card). Orders may be placed using the MCB online requisition form. Please be clear on the items you wish to order and provide us with a description and explanation of what the item is for coding purposes. We will send the order back or contact you if this is not clear or information is missing. Please do not resubmit the order again with your corrections on the request for requisition as this may cause a duplication of your order.

Our goal is to process your order within 1 to 3 business days. An order may take longer if more information is required for the proper placing of the order or if there are problems with the vendor and their inventory. Most items can be shipped within two days if the merchandise is in stock. Many vendors have a shipment cut-off time for that day's orders, some as early as noon.

Let us know if you have a radioisotope order and if there is a continuous order previously arranged for your use. Also please provide the permit holder name and the permit number. After we process your radioisotope orders we will consider the order received on the date you should receive your order unless you contact us with any problems.

If you receive a final quote from a supplier with whom you are working, you may email it to us at If we receive a quote for an item we will have to assume it is the final quote and place the order. Orders will be submitted to the vendor via email, fax, online, and/or over the phone on your behalf.

We can help you resolve shipping problems or back orders with the vendors, and arrange for returns and replacements on incorrect or damaged orders.

When orders are picked up personally, you need to provide us with the receipt, invoice, or packing slip so that we can complete the paperwork on your order. If your order is received through our storeroom, they will provide us with the paperwork to complete your order.

Grants and accounts, including proposals and compliance

The School of MCB's Grants and Accounts Administration Department provides the following services:

  1. Work with faculty members to clarify proposal guidelines for accurate submission of grant proposals.
  2. Develop budgets for faculty members and send for preapproval by Grants and Contracts (G&C). Please note that G&C will not accept budgets for preapproval if they are not received more than 10 days prior to the actual proposal deadline. Serve as primary contact for questions concerning proposals between G&C and faculty.
  3. Set up anticipation accounts with the approval of the department head.
  4. Monitors faculty ledger 2 and ledger 5 (extramural funding) accounts for compliance to federal guidelines and proper budget utilization.
  5. Generate expenditure scenarios for faculty members for better future planning for utilization of funds, on request.
  6. Serve as primary liaison for all matters having to do with pre- and post-award and procurement for faculty members.
  7. Serve as primary contact for faculty for any matters related to grants or expenditures on grants.

Contact Us


Associate Director for Administrative and Business Affairs

Primary contact for questions concerning all funds for the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) and the Center for Biophysics & Quantitative Biology, and all other general business and administrative questions for the school.


Coordinator of Research Programs

Primary contact for questions concerning ICR, grant and gift funds for faculty in the Departments of Biochemistry and Microbiology, new faculty orientation on grant proposal processes, and questions concerning training grant administration in the School of MCB. 


If your primary contact is unavailable, please reach out to the secondary contact for help or ask to speak with Jenny Daly.

Human Resources

Please contact

View a listing of job opportunities in MCB.


MCB Facilities & Operations

The mission of the MCB Facilities and Operations Unit is to provide essential facilities, technical, and other support services to faculty, staff, and students in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology. We strive to provide high-quality service in support of the broad research, teaching, and public service mission of the university. By maintaining a strong focus on the needs of our customers, and continuously improving the building equipment and the spaces we work in, we help to create an environment which increasingly fosters pioneering, world-class research and instruction.

Facilities Maintenance Concerns

Facilities problems associated with MCB spaces should be reported to this office via phone at 217-333-3047 or by e-mail at Please include the room number and building, along with the nature of the problem.

MCB research and teaching operations are carried out in several buildings for which the Campus and the Office of Facilities and Operations share maintenance responsibility. The main buildings on this list are: Burrill Hall, Morrill Hall, and Chemical & Life Sciences Lab Buildings B & C, as well as significant shares of Roger Adams Laboratory and Davenport Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have facility problems?
Contact our office at 217-333-3047 or e-mail us at for MCB spaces. 
Please let us know the room number and building, along with the nature of the problem.

How do I use the MCB Van?
Call 217-333-3047 to make a reservation or stop by our office. The van is available to faculty/staff members for local use only. You must provide a valid account # from one of these units when you schedule the van. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The van is not available for non-local travel. Please contact your department so they can arrange a vehicle for you through the University Car Pool.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding chemical and radiation safety?
Please contact the Division of Research Safety.

Remodeling projects

The Facilities and Operations Office is also responsible for planning and coordinating remodeling projects associated with MCB facilities. If you need to request minor remodeling work for which funds have been identified or experience difficulties associated with remodeling projects in any MCB facility, please contact this office by phone or email.

Life Sciences Shared Service Centers

The MCB community includes many helpful staff members who share their expertise with faculty, students, and staff in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology and the School of Integrative Biology.

Information Technology

Information Technology personnel provide expertise in a variety of areas: accessing computing resources in the school, on campus, or via the Internet, purchasing hardware or software, Moodle & Canvas (forums & course management systems), web application development, and database management, e.g. FileMaker & MySQL, as well as network infrastructure in school buildings.

We can be reached via, 217-333-7525, or Zoom. Zoom meetings by appointment only. Our offices are located in 333 & 332 Morrill Hall.

Visit our FAQ page for info on everything from adding a computer or printer to the network, remote backup, using file servers, and more.



Machine Shop

The Life Sciences Machine Shop provides a variety of services for faculty, staff, and students in MCB, the School of Integrative Biology as well as other campus units. We are your contact for life sciences prep room equipment and lab refrigerator/freezer issues.

Contacts: Scott Baker, Research Laboratory Shop Supervisor, 217-333-0609,;
Jared Bear, Instrument Maker II

Location: Room 59 Burrill Hall, 407 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana

Hours: 8 a.m.-12 p.m., 1-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Learn more about the shop's services and expertise.

Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop is your resource for solving electronic, instrumentation, control, and data acquisition problems. We work with faculty and staff in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology and School of Integrative Biology.

Contact: Chad Benner, Electronics Technician II, 217-244-3479, 

Location: Room 64 Burrill Hall, 407 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL.

We provide the following services:

  • Instrument Repair
  • Microscopes
  • Balances
  • Pipettes
  • Office Equipment
  • Circuit/Chassis Construction
  • Data Acquisition
  • Control
  • Audio/Video
  • Projector Checkout
  • Light Bulb Sales

Learn more about services and expertise in the electronics shop.


The Life Sciences Storeroom supports teaching and research in the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology and School of Integrative Biology. Our storeroom carries various lab supplies, research related items, and cleaning products. All departmental shipping and receiving issues are handled through the storeroom as well as equipment inventory.

Check current inventory.

Contact: 217-333-7693

Adam Gentille, Storekeeper I,
Neil Rawley, Storekeeper III,
Lon Ray, Storekeeper I,

Location: Room C107 Chemical & Life Sciences Laboratory, 601 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana.


Room Reservations

Charles G. Miller Auditorium

The Charles G. Miller Auditorium, room B102, of the Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory is a state-of-the-art presentation facility with seating for 135. 

The MCB Auditorium will be scheduled in writing through the Molecular and Cellular Biology Office, 387 Morrill Hall. Keys to the facility may be checked out from this office or your departmental office prior to the event and should be returned immediately after the event.

Susan Maxwell
387 Morrill Hall

Guide to B102's AV system.

The auditorium is reserved on the basis of the following priority scale:

  1. 1. Special lectures and symposia (i.e., Procter & Gamble Lecture, Hong Lecture) that have a School-wide audience.
  1. 2. Special lectures, symposia, or plenary sessions that are hosted by a Life Sciences unit.
  1. 3. Continuing seminar series hosted by a Life Sciences unit when the number attending warrants the use of the facility. Because of the priority that will be given to special events, conflicts may arise with regularly scheduled, weekly events. Such weekly events may on occasion be displaced and may need to find alternate space or times.
  1. 4. Other campus units holding individual events that are of interest to the life sciences.
  1. 5. Central and campus administration units holding gatherings important to the campus or university as a whole.

This facility will not be scheduled for classes. Use of the facilities by individuals or units other than outlined above may be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Please, NO food or drink in the auditorium.
If clean up is necessary, you will be billed for cleaning charges.

Communications & Marketing

The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology's Office of Communications serves to elevate the visibility of MCB, increase engagement with alumni, improve stewardship, and serve as a resource and partner to our instructional and graduate programs.

Who We Are and What We Do

  • Improve visibility
    MCB's Office of Communications works to publicize faculty and their research strengths, student successes, and staff achievements through e-newsletters, social media, and reaching out to media contacts. Our team is also strongly committed to engagement and communications with other units on campus, such as the Research Communications Council.
  • Increase engagement with alumni and improve stewardship
    The School of MCB is thrilled to share stories of our alumni's professional successes, as well as their generosity in giving back to the school.
  • Serve as a resource and partner to our instructional and graduate programs.
    We publicize events and showcase our student and instructors' success stories through social media engagement, brochures, and various outreach to internal and external media groups.

Learn about the roles of the School of MCB's associate director of communications and communications specialist, pitch stories, and get help promoting research, events, and achievements. 

Branding Guidelines

The School of MCB follows brand standards and guidelines set forward by the University of Illinois. These standards offer the tools and resources needed to create a cohesive message for both internal and external audiences.

Media Requests and Information

Please email and we will respond promptly to your request.