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Biochemistry Fund

Provides funds to be used by the Department for short and long-term programs to enrich student education, training, research, and career development.

Lowell P. Hager Fellowship Fund
Lowell P. Hager

Dr. Hager's national biochemistry leadership, creative research and warm interactions with his students and associates are recognized by this fund. He led the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Illinois for 21 years. This fund, in honor of Dr. Hager, provides support for Biochemistry Ph.D. students who demonstrate exceptional achievement, independence in research, and originality of thought.

Lowell P. Hager (1926-2014) received his Ph.D. degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana and was eventually recruited back to his alma mater where he rose through the professorial ranks in Biochemistry. Importantly, he led Biochemistry into its transition to a separate Department and served as its Head from 1969-1988. Professor Hager built a strong tradition of both scientific excellence and collegiality in Biochemistry. He also mentored numerous fine students and postdocs. His research program contributed immensely to the fields of biochemistry and biophysics, particularly in the area of metallo- and heme proteins where he discovered the halogenating enzyme, chloroperoxidase. Professor Hager was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1995. He has also held numerous additional leadership positions in science, including Director of the Illinois Biotechnology Center (1987-1995), Treasurer for the American Societies for Experimental Biology (1980-1982), Associate Editor for Biochemistry (1972-1978) and the Journal of Biological Chemistry (1974-1979), and Editor of Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (1965-1969). Professor Hager’s autobiography entitled “A Lifetime of Playing with Enzymes” was published in JBC in 2010.

Biochemistry Graduate Student Travel Award Fund

This Fund was established in 2014 by an alumnus to provide and raise funds for travel awards for graduate students in the Department of Biochemistry. Graduate students receiving awards may use funds to present their work at scientific conferences, attend training workshops, or participate in special research projects that might otherwise not be possible without additional charitable support.

Robert L. Switzer Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Fund
Robert L Switzer

This award was established by one of Professor Switzer’s former Biochemistry undergraduate students and honors his advisor’s impressive career and dedication to education. It seeks to acknowledge and reward those graduate students who have similarly devoted themselves to delivering a high quality of education in Biochemistry.

Dr. Switzer is currently an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Biochemistry. His research program at the University of Illinois, which spanned forty years, studied the regulation of bacterial metabolism by allosteric enzymes, the control of enzyme degradation and novel mechanisms for the regulation of gene expression, with an emphasis on transcriptional attenuation. Professor Switzer also co-authored a seminal Biochemistry laboratory instruction textbook called “Experimental Biochemistry” that has been broadly employed in academia. Professor Switzer published his autobiography, “Discoveries in Bacterial Nucleotide Metabolism” in JBC in 2009

In 2012, Professor Switzer also published his memoirs entitled “A Family Farm: Life on an Illinois Dairy Farm”.

Biochemistry Summer Research Scholarship Fund

This fund was seeded by an alumnus to provide summer research experiences to undergraduates in Biochemistry at the University of Illinois. Upon reaching a minimum endowment of $50,000, the fund will be used for scholarship support for quality, meritorious undergraduate students majoring in Biochemistry who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in biochemistry.

Herbert Carter Lectureship in Nutritional Biochemistry and Preventive Medicine
Herbert E. Carter

Honoring the late Herbert E. Carter, this fund was seeded by a former graduate student, Professor William Lands to support a lecture series in Biochemistry in the areas of human nutrition and preventive medicine.

Dr. Carter was hired as the second member of the newly formed Division of Biochemistry at his alma mater at the University of Illinois in Urbana. Together with the new Head, Professor William Rose, they discovered the essential amino acid threonine and determined its structure. Professor Carter’s pioneering work determined the structure of sphingosine, from which he coined the term “sphingolipids” to encompass the family of cerebrosides, sphingomyelins, and gangliosides that are associated with the brain and nervous system. Professor Carter also made significant contributions to the structural knowledge of glycolipids and antibiotics. His outstanding work was recognized by a number of honors including the Eli Lily Award in Biological Chemistry and early election at the age of 43 to the National Academy of Sciences. A biography on the life of Professor Carter was published online at PNAS by two of his former students.

Lowell P. Hager Video Conference Room Fund (now closed)
Lowell P. Hager

Thanks to the generosity of the many friends of Prof. Lowell Hager, a state-of-the-art video conference room was successfully established in recently renovated space on the 3rd floor of Roger Adams Laboratory. This conference room, which is widely used for everything from lab meetings to teleconferences, honors Professor Hager’s enormous service and contributions to the Department of Biochemistry and the University of Illinois. Follow this link to photographs of the Lowell Hager conference room, both during construction and in use.

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