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Biology, Teacher Education Program

Students in the Biology, Teacher Education Program will remain in the college of LAS for their full undergraduate degree. They have the benefit of taking core courses in both Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) and Integrative Biology (IB).They will apply to the Secondary Education Minor (SEM) after completing the bulk of their biology content area requirements (see course plan below). Students majoring in this program will obtain a Bachelor's degree in LAS by completing the required program of study.

Five-Year Plan for Students Entering after Fall 2007 - Updated January 2017

Optional Four-Year Plan*
*The Biology 4-year option is only feasible if you have completed your Language other than English (LOTE) requirement and are able to take summer school every summer. Otherwise, the Biology teaching program is designed to be a five-year program

Biology Teaching Checklist

For Additional Information Contact

Biology Advising
127 Burrill Hall


Lori Davis, Ph.D. Office Hours
Academic Advisor/Coordinator of Secondary Education Program
LAS Secondary Ed Wiki
Council on Teacher Education (Certification, Endorsements)
Office of Clinical Experiences (Class Observations, Student Teaching)