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Fred Delcomyn

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Contact Information

Department of Entomology
320 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin
Urbana, IL 61801

Professor Emeritus of Molecular & Integrative Physiology


B.S. (Biology) Wayne State University
M.S. (Biology) Northwestern University
Ph.D. (Biology) University of Oregon

Awards and Honors

U.S. Public Health Service Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oregon, March - September 1969
Summer Faculty Fellow, University of Illinois, Urbana, June - August 1973
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (elected May, 1983)
Biographee in "Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology" published by Marquis Who's Who, Inc. (Since 1986.)
Biographee in "Who's Who in the MidWest" Published by Marquis Who's Who, Inc. (Since 1986.)
Senior Fulbright Scholar, Federal Republic of Germany, 1987 - 1988

Additional Campus Affiliations

School of Integrative Biology

Recent Publications

Delcomyn, F., & Ellis, J. L. (2021). A Backyard Prairie: The Hidden Beauty of Tallgrass and Wildflowers. Southern Illinois University Press.

Delcomyn, F. (2009). Walking in invertebrates. In Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (pp. 479-484). Elsevier Ltd.

Delcomyn, F. (2008). From insect sense organs to biomimetic walking robots. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 25(1), 134-137.

Delcomyn, F. (2004). Insect Walking and Robotics. Annual Review of Entomology, 49, 51-70.

Fan, Z., Chen, J., Zou, J., Bullen, D., Liu, C., & Delcomyn, F. (2002). Design and fabrication of artificial lateral line flow sensors. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 12(5), 655-661.

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