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Meet Zoe Daniel

Hello all! My name is Zoe Daniel and I am a junior in MCB. My major campus involvements include undergraduate research in Dr. Kehl-Fie's lab, where we study Staphylococcus aureus and how pathogens overcome resource starvation during infection. I am also a campus tour guide and I love showing prospective and admitted students how much this amazing university has to offer. As for my involvement in clubs on campus, I am a part of both GeoClub and the Polish cultural club. My other hobbies include playing cello and reading. I am also a huge fan of the great outdoors and I have roadtripped to 46 states and 20 national parks. I got to work in a forest preserve this past summer and it was wonderful. After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school and pursuing academic research on the topic of infectious disease. The transition into college is both a wonderful and terrifying time and I will always be open to sharing advice, resources, and information about both the MCB program and the university as a whole.