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Kritika Mehta

Graduate Student (PI: Dr. Kai Zhang)

Awards and Honors

  • Robert L. Switzer Award for Teaching - 2022 Recipient
  • Charles F. Kade Fellowship in Biochemistry - 2023 Recipient
  • Robert L. Switzer Award for Teaching - 2023 Recipient
  • 2nd prize in Oral Presentation at 2nd Annual MCB Graduate Research Retreat - 2023 recipient

Courses Taught

FA 2023 - MCB 250 Molecular Genetics 
SP 2022 - MCB/BIOC 446 Physical Biochemistry 
FA 2021 - MCB 250 Molecular Genetics 
SP 2021 - MCB/BIOC 446 Physical Biochemistry 
FA 2020 - MCB 151 Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory 
FA 2019 - MCB 250 Molecular Genetics 

Highlighted Publications

  • Mehta K., Yentch H., Lee J., Gao T.T., Zhang K.*, ’Phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate mediates Arc capsids secretion through the multivesicular body pathway’, BioRxiv 2023 Preprint
  • Fathi P., Roslend A., Mehta K., Moitra P., Zhang K.*, Pan D.*, ’UV-Trained and Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence of Biliverdin and Biliverdin Nanoparticles’, Nanoscale 2021
  • Camp T., Mehta K., Sligar S. G., Zhang K.*, ‘Molecular Orientation determination in Nanodiscs at the Single-Molecule level’, Analytical Chemistry 2020
  • Chacko L. A., Mehta K., Ananthanarayanan V.*, ‘Cortical tethering of mitochondria by the anchor protein Mcp5 enables uniparental inheritance’, Journal of Cell biology 2019
  • Mehta K.ξ, Chacko L. A.ξ, Chug M. K., Jhunjhunwala S., Ananthanarayanan V.*, ‘Association of mitochondria with microtubules inhibits mitochondrial fission by precluding assembly of the fission protein Dnm1’, Journal of Biological Chemistry 2019

Recent Publications

  • Gill K.S., Mehta K., Heredia J.D., Krishnamurthy V.V., Zhang K., Procko E.*, ’Multiple mechanisms of self-association of chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR5 demonstrated by deep mutagenesis ’, Journal of Biological Chemistry 2023
  • Tian Y., Mehta K., Jellinek M. J., Sun H., Lu W., Shi R., Ingram K., Williams K.J., Kim J.K., Lee R., Kemper J.K., Ford D.A., Zhang K., Wang B.*, ’Hepatic phospholipid remodeling modulates insulin sensitivity and systemic metabolism’, Advanced Science 2023
  • Gao T.T.ξ, Oh T.Jξ., Mehta K.ξ, Huang Y., Camp T., Fan H., Han J.W., Barnes C., Zhang K.*, ’The clinical potential of opto-genetic interrogation of pathogenesis’, Clinical and Translational Medicine 2023
  • Tian Y., Jellinek M. J., Mehta K., Seok S.M., Kuo S.H., Lu W., Shi R., Lee R., Lau G.W., Kemper J.K., Zhang K., Ford D.A., Wang B.*, ’Membrane phospholipid remodeling modulates nonalcoholic steatohepatitis progression by regulating mitochondrial homeostasis’, Hepatology 2023
  • Qiu K.ξ, Zou W.ξ, Fang H., Hao M., Mehta K., Tian Z., Guan J.L., Zhang K.*, Huang T.*, Diao J.*, ’Light-activated mitochondrial fission through optogenetic control of mitochondria-lysosome contacts’, Nature Communications 2022

In the news

  • Graduate students, research scientists, and faculty gathered at the I Hotel and Conference Center earlier this month for the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology’s Graduate Research Retreat. The event brought together scholars from across the school to share scientific discoveries and learn...