Grades Posted: Fall 2022 grades will be available to students on Friday December 23.  All students will be able to access their posted grades online and will see a preliminary academic standing of 1S (Status Under Review). That 1S status will be updated with true academic standing (good, probation, drop) at 5 pm on Friday January 6.

The LAS Student Academic Affairs Office (LAS SAAO) in 2002 Lincoln Hall (as well as virtual services) will be closed from December 23 – January 2.  They will have limited staff available Jan 3-6 due to academic progress reviews.

Academic Standing: The Fall 2022 academic progress audit in the College of LAS is scheduled to officially begin Tuesday January 3 and conclude on Friday January 6.

Students who are confirmed or placed on academic drop status by the College during its review will be informed by e-mail only

  • Some students will have a drop status that is "No petition" (drop 18)
  • Some students will have a drop status that is "Petitionable" (drop 17) and the college offers that option only in cases where the student has had success at Illinois, but a recent unusual and continuing pattern (3 semesters or more) has developed that does not have the appearance of being corrected.  LAS SAAO will only accept those petitions that include 1) new information that is not already known about the student's challenges in their academic progress and solutions that are already in place, and 2) documentation of extenuating circumstances. 
  • Eligible students must submit their petitions to LAS SAAO  by 11:59 pm on Monday January 9, so students anticipating a drop status decision may wish to gather petition materials now, as the period is short between drop status notification and the petition deadline.
  • Students who submit a petition should not plan on returning for the spring until they hear the outcome of the petition review which will be available by 5pm on Wednesday January 11.
  • Please understand purpose of the drop is to give time and space to take care of whatever issue is getting in the way of academic progress.  LAS SAAO doesn’t want students using precious financial resources and limited semesters to get themselves into a dire academic situation for which there is no solution.
  • Students on drop status are permitted to continue with Winter Term 2022-2023 enrollments, but Winter Term academic outcomes will NOT change the drop status.

All students who have been confirmed on probation as a result of the College review will receive an e-mail message from the College advising them of this fact and indicating their minimum GPA requirement on 12 graded credit hours which must be earned in the next term. Also, those for whom special action is required, such as seeing an assistant dean or advisor to sign an Academic Advising Agreement, will have an explicit note regarding this requirement in their e-mail.

Grade Replacement: The Registrar’s Office may take several weeks to update student academic records with grade replacement information after Fall 2022 grade roll.  They ask for your patience.

 Winter Term Enrollment: There are absolutely NO late course adds or overloads for Winter Term.  Students should refer to the calendar here for withdrawal/refund information, and if they have difficulty dropping their winter course in Enhanced Registration, they may contact

Spring 2023 Overloads: Overload approvals will be entered into Banner on Friday January 13.

December 2022 degree certification will begin on January 3 and ends on January 27.  Contact an Admissions/Records Officer with questions.