Bhoomika Mathur earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology in 2019. She was a member of Professor Sayee Anakk's lab.

Your current position and title:

Postdoctoral Researcher, Mangelsdorf-Kliewer Lab, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

Your career arc and key accomplishments:

I started my postdoctoral career in September 2019 after graduating from MIP, where I am focusing on understanding the role of FGF15 in gut-liver axis. I have been busy these past two years generating mouse lines and data, publishing research articles, and staying safe amidst the COVID-19 crisis! In addition to research, I have helped organize several career development workshops, and was recently promoted to Co-Chair of the Career Development Committee with the Postdoctoral Association here at UTSW. In the future, I plan to organize workshops and events that will focus on international students to help improve not only their skillset for alternate career paths, but also their profiles for green card application. I am excited to see where my career goes from here!

How MIP training got you where you are:

The training I received at the Anakk lab in the MIP department taught me the skills that are necessary for my career as an independent scientist. From Sayee, I learned the best attitude towards research and science as well as the ups and downs in the life of a young scientist. I also taught anatomy and physiology classes and served on the departmental student committee, which not only taught me time management and organization skills but also allowed me to network with my fellow scientists.

Your favorite memory related to the time you spent in MIP:

I absolutely loved the Anakk lab potlucks and random Cocomero/Brothers outings. I also enjoyed the MIP retreats and Halloween parties. It was great hanging out with everyone outside of the lab-setting.

Fun fact about yourself:

I dance anywhere and everywhere - in the lab, washrooms and even elevators, or on YouTube