Nearly 40 MCB teachers and teaching assistants were recognized by their students in the Fall 2021 semester for excellence in instruction.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign recently released the results for the Fall 2021, Winter 2021-2022 sessions. The list is based on the ratings from the Instructor and Course Evaluation System (ICES) maintained by Measurement and Evaluation in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

“It’s been an unprecedented two years of academic instruction for faculty, staff, and students alike,” said Milan Bagchi, director of the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Deborah Paul Endowed Professor. “Our instructors, faculty, and teaching assistants rose up time and again to face each new challenge the pandemic presented. Their determination to help our students not only learn, but also thrive, has not gone unnoticed. I’m so proud the School of MCB’s students recognize their hard work as well.”

The following instructors were recognized:

  • Beal, J. (TA)
  • *Boss-Kennedy, A. (TA)
  • *Boyle, T. (TA)
  • Brieher, W.
  • Buntrock, D.
  • Ceman, S.
  • Chakravarti, A. (TA)
  • Chou Zheng, L. (TA)
  • Christian-Hinman, C.
  • Chung, H.
  • *Crowder, M. (TA)
  • *Erlandson, A. (TA)
  • Gill, K. (TA)
  • Gillette, M.
  • Gonzalez, R. (TA)
  • Hawk, C. (TA)
  • *Ikeda, J.
  • Imlay, J.
  • Kehl-Fie, T.
  • Llano, D.
  • Moreno Castillo, J. (TA)
  • Naidu, S.
  • Narayanan, K. (TA)
  • Nawaz, A. (TA)
  • Oh, T. (TA)
  • *Phillips, A. (TA)
  • *Przybyła, J. (TA)
  • Radin, J.
  • Raetzman, L.
  • Raybarman, A. (TA)
  • *Rodriguez Carrero, R. (TA)
  • *Sanchez-Nieves, R. (TA)
  • Sanfilippo, J.
  • Seeger, A. (TA)
  • Shaw, R. (TA)
  • *Shinn, E. (TA)
  • Smith-Bolton, R.
  • *Yang, S. (TA)

* - The instructor ratings were outstanding.

Written by Jennifer Lask.