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Meet Cesar Maldonado

Hello everybody! My name is Cesar Maldonado. I am a junior majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology Honors on the pre-med track. I am also a James Scholar and part of the Campus Honors Program. I am on the exec board as the Director of Medical Education for a pre-health RSO called Global Medical Training, an organization dedicated to providing free medical service through service trips to underserved communities throughout Latin America. I'm also a member of two other pre-health organizations called the American Medical Student Association and Illini Medical Screening Society. I am also engaged in MCB research at the Jie Chen Lab on a project focusing on muscular regeneration. In addition, I work an on-campus job through the Beckwith Program as a Personal Assistant. I also participate in volunteering through Carle Hospital and the Food Assistance and Well-being Program. In my free time, I like to stay active by lifting weights. In terms of my pre-med journey, I am currently studying for the MCAT and preparing to apply this coming summer. Always feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions you may have! Best of luck in all of your endeavors and I hope to see you soon!