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Meet Neha Bashir

Hi guys! My name is Neha Bashir! I am a junior majoring in the MCB Honors Concentration and double minoring in business and chemistry on the pre-med track. On campus I am the treasurer of the Illini Medical Screening Society, where we work to provide free medical screenings to the underserved and underinsured in the Champaign-Urbana area. I also serve as a volunteer chair of Avicenna Clinic RSO, Fundraising Chair of the Pakistani Student Association, Mentorship Coordinator for the Muslim Student Association, and a writer for Brain Matters. I am McKinley Student Populations Health Program Worker, and I have volunteered at Carle Hospital and Avicenna health clinic! I have also worked as a behavior technician at an autism clinic and a Neurostar TMS technician at a psychiatric clinic. Both opportunities have taught me so much about collaborating with doctors, clinicians, and patients.

I currently do research at the Physical Exercise and Neurocognitive Health Lab, where we measure different biomarkers in analysis of how exercise affects cognitive health in overweight adults. I have worked as a tutor for different classes, but I am currently a Physics 101 LA.

I love watching T.V. shows, reading, and taking long walks and just soaking in views. I love going to coffee shops and I am always outside! I just recently went to Paris and Spain, so traveling is definitely one of my favorite activities! If you ever see me walking outside, please say Hi! I love talking to everybody and I know how daunting college is for everybody! Please reach out to me if you need any help navigating MCB, pre-health, or anything else you want to talk about!