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Chu-Young Kim

Professor of Biochemistry


Chemistry, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Bioengineering, M.S.E., University of Pennsylvania
Chemistry, B.A., Cornell University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Biochemistry

Recent Publications

Gade, P., Erlandson, A., Ullah, A., Chen, X., Mathews, I. I., Mera, P. E., & Kim, C. Y. (2023). Structural and functional analyses of the echinomycin resistance conferring protein Ecm16 from Streptomyces lasalocidi. Scientific reports, 13(1), Article 7980.

Erlandson, A., Gade, P., Menikpurage, I. P., Kim, C. Y., & Mera, P. E. (2022). The UvrA-like protein Ecm16 requires ATPase activity to render resistance against echinomycin. Molecular Microbiology, 117(6), 1434-1446.

Bagde, S. R., Mathews, I. I., Fromme, J. C., & Kim, C. Y. (2021). Modular polyketide synthase contains two reaction chambers that operate asynchronously. Science, 374(6568), Article A40.

Gao, Y., Hu, Y., Liu, Q., Li, X., Li, X., Kim, C. Y., James, T. D., Li, J., Chen, X., & Guo, Y. (2021). Two-Dimensional Design Strategy to Construct Smart Fluorescent Probes for the Precise Tracking of Senescence. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 60(19), 10756-10765.

Kim, C-Y. (2020). Three-Dimensional Structure of Megasynthases—Mammalian Fatty Acid Synthase, Type I Modular Polyketide Synthase, and Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase. In H-W. Liu, & T. P. Begley (Eds.), Comprehensive Natural Products III: Chemistry and Biology (Vol. 6, pp. 318-335). Elsevier.

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