Official Requirements Declare the MCB minor

The Minor in Molecular & Cellular Biology provides students with an understanding of foundational principles of physiology, cellular and developmental biology, microbiology, molecular genetics and biochemistry. The program will prepare students for training in medicine and other health sciences, graduate studies in related disciplines, as well as for careers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Interested students are encouraged to meet with an MCB advisor before declaring the minor. Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours and MCB 150 must be completed or in progress before acceptance into the minor. Students are discouraged from using MCB 150 AP credit, since studies have shown that this does not always appropriately prepare students for MCB 250 or MCB 252. If you are unsure of how prepared you are, please meet with an MCB advisor.

To declare the minor, fill out the declaration form no later than the 10th day of classes in your final semester.

MCB majors pay differential tuition for access to these courses. Students electing to complete the minor who are not in a major with differential tuition, will be assessed course-based tuition, at a rate of $300 per course for each of the following: MCB 250, 251, 252, 253 and 450. Course-based tuition is covered by financial aid. No refunds will be available after the 10th day of class.

Students using MCB 450 as advanced hours in their major will be required to take one additional 3-5 credit hour course, form the approved list of 300- and 400- level courses for MCB majors, in order to fulfill their 6 distinct advanced hours in the minor.


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