MCB Study Abroad Programs


The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology offers several outstanding study abroad programs developed specifically for MCB, biochemistry, and neuroscience majors. Several programs feature unique opportunities, such as shadowing physicians or working in research labs. Courses are guaranteed to count toward your major. We'll be here for you throughout the process. With proper planning, you can participate in one or two semesters abroad and graduate on time.

Apply to a program


After you have reviewed our programs, contact SMCB's study abroad advisors to arrange a meeting. Your advisor will help you determine which options may best meet your goals. We can be reached at 217-300-6192 or

If you're a biochemistry major, please meet with your biochemistry academic advisor, and then make an appointment to meet with us.

Apply for the MCB study abroad programs on the website. Students who plan to study abroad will need to complete an application early in the semester prior to the program's start date.

Students registered with DRES can choose to self-disclose in their application or with a study abroad advisor. Students can choose to share documentation with partnered institutions to receive appropriate accommodations and/or support. We invite you to visit the UIUC DRES Study Abroad checklist to plan for any potential needs.

Costs and Scholarships

Financial aid can be applied to the cost of a program. Any financial information should be discussed with an advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid. When you have an official program budget, meet with a financial aid advisor. Once you start the application online, an unofficial budget for each program will be available on UIUC's study abroad website.

Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange Scholarships

Before you leave

All students who study abroad are required to take LAS 291 and 292, the Global Perspectives Course.

Students will attend a pre-departure meeting, led by MCB staff, during which you can get to know other students in your cohort and ask questions about coursework, housing, and more. Depending on your program, you may also attend a meeting led by the College of LAS International Programs.

Contact us


More information about MCB's international programs is available by calling or emailing the MCB Instructional Program office at (217) 300-6192 or