MCB in Vienna, Austria



The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology offers a semester program in Vienna, Austria. SMCB students will take advanced MCB courses in English at University of Vienna and BOKU (Life Sciences University). While abroad, students take German 101 and an optional Austrian history and culture course. The Illinois in Vienna Program director and staff provide on-site support for students, including organized excursions.



University of Vienna (U of Wien), BOKU; Vienna, Austria


Fall semester (September – January)

Spring semester (February – June)

Intended for third-year students. (Fourth-year students may be possible.)



  • Successful completion with C or better in following courses: MCB 150, MCB 250/251, MCB 252/253.
  • Successful completion of MCB 354 is preferred if studying abroad in spring.
  • GPA 3.0+
  • Minimum of one meeting each with MCB Study Abroad Advisor and LAS Study Abroad Advisor.

Experience Austria

Students will spend the first few weeks of their semester learning to speak German and have the option to take a cultural history course. This gives students a chance to become comfortable navigating the city, meet other young people, and bond with other students in their cohort before their science courses begin. For those students who enjoy planned activities, the MCB Program in Vienna hosts multiple excursions to popular destinations in the area.



Students take up to 16 UIUC credit hours of coursework in their semester abroad. Courses are offered by the Illinois in Vienna program, University of Vienna, and BOKU. Course offerings differ each semester and course catalogues are updated at the beginning of the term. An MCB Study Abroad advisor will help you select courses that fulfill SMCB advanced course major requirements. Past courses popular with MCB students are shown below.

Program Courses

Sample Courses in BOKU

Sample Courses in U of Wien

GER 101: Beginning German I

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Immunobiology and Vascular Disease

GER 205: Austria and Europe (optional)

Genetic Basis for Biodiversity

Oncology for Biotechnologists


Biological Therapeutics

Biology of Aging


Living in Vienna

Students attending the MCB Program in Vienna have the option to live in two different dormitories. The dormitories have double- and single-occupancy housing options with accessible transportation to campus.

Haus Panorama

Located in Vienna's 20th district on Brigittenauer Lande Campus. The district is more relaxed, just outside the bustle of the city. Housing includes single-occupancy rooms, shared kitchen space, and other shared amenities.

Haus Erasmus

Located in Vienna's 7th district, known for its vibrant art scene. Housing includes double-occupancy room, a kitchen on every floor and refrigerator in each room, and other shared amenities. 

Excursions and Events

Students in hike in September.

Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple events throughout the semester in Vienna. Staff welcome students to city tours, museum events, theater visits, and concerts at theh Musikverein and Konzerthaus.

Check out fresh fruit, cured meats, and specialty cheeses at outdoor markets, such as Brunnenmarkt.

During the Fall semesters, students can expect to join organized hikes, boating on the Alte Donau, and visiting the famous Christmas Markets in the city.

During the Spring semester, students have the option to participate in a weeklong ski trip, visit Easter Markets, the Festival of Joy, and attend the Danube island festival (Donauinselfest).




Application deadline is September 15 or February 15 to study abroad the following term.

Students planning to study in the Spring can complete an Early Action Application, due on 15 June.

Apply on the MyStudyAbroad website today.

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