MCB in Stockholm, Sweden



The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology offers a spring semester exchange program at Stockholm University, a top-ranking public research institution in the capital of Sweden. Known for its excellent teaching, commitment to sustainability, and innovative research, University of Stockholm is a hub for scientific exploration.

This program is designed for MCB and Biochemistry students interested in research courses. Students choose an array of advanced courses in their major. Research traineeships provide students opportunity to conduct undergraduate research and receive credit towards their degree requirements. 



University of Stockholm; Stockholm, Sweden

Housing information: SU Housing for International Student


Spring semester (January – June)

Intended for third-year students (May be possible for fourth-year students)




Successful completion with C or better in following courses: MCB 150, MCB 250/251, MCB 252/253.

Successful completion of MCB 354 is strongly preferred.

GPA 3.0+

Minimum of one meeting each with MCB Study Abroad Advisor and LAS Study Abroad Advisor.


Research opportunities

Stockholm University is the leading research institution in Sweden, committed to sustainability and innovation. Research traineeships help students fulfill major requirements and connect to a network of international researchers. Students can expect to build their technical skills, deepen cultural competency, and grow as a collaborative scientist. 



Students take 16 UIUC credit hours (30 Stockholm University units) of coursework in the semester. An MCB Study Abroad Advisor will help you select courses that fulfill MCB and BIOC major requirements. All science courses will be taught in English. Research Traineeships fulfill MCB and BIOC advanced lab requirements. Past courses popular with students are shown below.

University of Stockholm Course

Illinois Conversion

Research Traineeship in Biology/Biochemistry

Adv lab course/BIOC 455

BL7045: Microbiology

MCB 300

BL7043: Molecular Physiology

MCB 4xx

KB8002: Advanced Methods in Biochemistry

MCB 4xx

KB7000: Structures and Dynamics of Biological Membranes

MCB 4xx




Early action application deadline is 15 June for the following spring.

Normal application deadline is 15 September for the following spring.

Apply on the MyStudyAbroad website today. 

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