MCB in Pavia, Italy



The School of Molecular & Cellular Biology offers a semester program at the University of Pavia in Pavia, Italy. The University of Pavia is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Europe with a rich scientific history. There, students can study modern science in a beautiful and historic environment. 

This program is designed for students who want a culturally immersive, structured program. Students take English-taught advanced MCB courses and Italian language and culture courses with their cohort. Proficiency in Italian language is not required. The Illinois Programs in Italy staff provide on-site support for students, including organized excursions.



University of Pavia; Pavia, Italy


Fall semester (September – December)

Spring semester (February – June)

Intended for third-year students. (Fourth-year students may be possible.)



Successful completion with C or better in following courses: MCB 150, MCB 250/251, MCB 252/253.

Successful completion of MCB 354 is preferred if studying abroad in the spring.

GPA 3.0+

Minimum of one meeting with MCB Study Abroad Advisor and LAS Study Abroad Advisor.



Living in Pavia

Students live in Palazzo Vistarino, known as the "Villa of delights". This is an 18th-century noble residence overlooking the Ticino river. Enjoy baroque architecture, historic frescoes, and enjoy modern conveniences of traditional dormitories. Students can expect to take their Italian language and culture courses in the Palazzo. 



Students take 16 credit hours of coursework, including introductory Italian language and culture courses. An MCB Study Abroad advisor will help you select courses in the Master of Molecular Biology and Genetics program that fulfill MCB major requirements. Past courses popular with students are shown below.

Program Courses Sample Courses in Molecular Biology and Genetics
ITAL 101: Italian Language (4 credit hours) BIO/14: Molecular Pharmacology
ITAL 415: Europe and the Mediterranean (3 credit hours) MED/04: Immunology
  ING-INF/06: Bioinformatics

BIO/06: Developmental Biology




Application deadline is 15 September or 15 February to study abroad the following term.

Students planning to study in the Spring can complete an Early Action Application, due on 15 June.

Apply on the MyStudyAbroad website today. 

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