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The School of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Illinois in Athens offers a semester-program at University of Athens in Greece. The University of Athens, also known as the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, is one of the oldest and most prominent institutions of higher education in Greece.

This program is designed for third-year (spring) or fourth-year (fall) Neuroscience and MCB majors. In this highly immersive program, students take a variety of advanced level neuroscience courses that count towards major requirements, a modern Greek language course, and an archeological course with their cohort. Previous knowledge of the Modern Greek language is not required for the program.



University of Athens (also known as National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Housing located in Zografou neighborhood in Athens, Greece


Fall Semester: Sept - December

Spring semester: January - June




Successful completion, with C or better, in MCB 150, MCB 250, MCB 251, MCB 252, MCB 253. Neuroscience majors must also successfully complete MCB 170.

Completion of MCB 354 is preferred for third-year spring program.

GPA 3.0

Must speak with MCB Study Abroad Advisor and LAS International Programs Advisor. 


Immersive cultural and academic experiences 

MCB in Athens combines cultural exploration with rigorous scientific learning. Students learn to comfortably use Greek in and out of the classroom and live among other young Athenians. Neuroscience courses begin a few weeks into the semester. Get familiar to new teaching styles, learn from many different scientists, and experience a one-of-a-kind semester.


Course Selection

Students take up to 16 UIUC credit hours of coursework during their semester abroad. Students will take a combination of program courses in Greek language and culture and Neuroscience courses at the University of Athens. An MCB Study Abroad advisor will help you select courses that fulfill advanced course requirements for the MCB and Neuroscience majors.

Illinois in Athens Courses

Courses in Neuroscience

GRKM 201: Introduction to Modern Greek Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
CLCV 4--: Archeology of Athens Developmental Neuroscience
  Neurobiological Basis of Disease of the Nervous System


Course Structure at University of Athens

As with all study abroad experiences, students can expect to adapt to a new teaching style. Neuroscience courses at University of Athens meet every afternoon for 2-3 weeks, and feature a variety of topics to advance student knowledge. Each course may be taught by different instructors specializing in a given topic. The structure of Neuroscience courses at NKUA allows students to learn from leading Greek and European researchers in the field of neuroscience.



Travel to Athens in a cohort of students pursuing the sciences and

Zografou street - A.Savin

humanities. While the University of Athens is primarily a commuter campus, there are many opportunities to engage with other students in the degree program as well as other local students. Attend seminars, presentations, and other events hosted by the Athens International Programme in Neuroscience.

Students can expect to live in apartment-style housing neighboring the university campus. Coordinators in Athens will contact students with their apartment options once they are enrolled in the program. Accommodations will be located in Zografou suburb with access to public transportation to travel in and out the city center.




Application deadline is 15 September or 15 February to study abroad in the following term.

Students planning to study abroad in the Spring can complete an Early Action Application, due on 15 June.

Please meet with MCB Study Abroad Advisor prior to application submission.

Apply on the MyStudyAbroad website today.

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